Endless Deep



Abstract painting based on oil on canvas with noble mixed media elements. Such allow the artists to portray a mix of bright and somber colors. The organic flow of nature is represented through the different textures throughout the piece. Tirado was inspired by the grant meeting point between mesmerizing sunsets from his home country and the deep ocean. 


This piece includes a certification of authenticity and is signed in the front and back by the artist.



Dec 2015



40×30 In


About the artist

Carlos J. Tirado (born on April 3, 1964 in Caracas, Venezuela) is an artist, painter and sculptor who has developed a very personal and precise line of work linked to Neo-Pop art. With plenty of personal art exhibitions, Tirado has participated in numerous collective exhibitions, receiving different awards such as “III Premio de Escultura” del Certamen Aires de Córdoba in 2004 and other recognitions, among them, at the Venezuelan Embassy in DC (2005), and the X Latin Art Festival of Atlanta (2005).




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